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Infant and Young Toddler Classes with Seniors

Kindermusik Village with Seniors is an innovative concept for bringing generations together through music and play. The same beloved Kindermusik curricula for infants and toddlers are brought into a residential care facility and creatively adapted to include the residents. The residents are invited to participate in meaningful ways as parents and their little ones enjoy this lively class in their presence. Some children will “adopt” a special grandma or grandpa here as the same seniors tend to attend week after week to watch the children grow and play with music. Parents are encouraged to facilitate this special bond between the seniors and their child that may continue to blossom outside of class time.

 Some ways you might see the seniors and toddlers play together include:

playing peek-a-boo with scarves
sharing a pair of egg shakers
taking turns beating a drum
sitting on a senior’s lap for storytime

Please note that subscription classes at seniors residences have concluded for 2014.

There are two eight-week Village classes on the schedule for 2015, but these will only take place with sufficient enrollment.

 You may sign up here, or by e-mailing or calling Ria: 902-220-5173,

 Please spread the word to others in pre-natal, breastfeeding support and play group circles.
– Ria


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